Who In The World Is Ayn Rand?

1.Who is Ayn Rand?
~Ayn Rand was a very popular and famous novelist

2.When/where was Rand born?
~February 2, 1905, Saint Petersburg, Russia

3.When/where did she die?
~March 6, 1982, New York City, NY

4.Is Ayn Rand her real name?
~Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum

5.What novels did Rand write?
~We the living,Anthem, The Fountainhead,Atlas shrugged,Night of January 16th, The early Ayn Rand,Three Plays, etc.

6.What jobs did Rand have while working to become an author?
~ Rand left for Hollywood, hoping to get a job as a screenwriter.

7.Was Rand married?
~Ayn married an actor named Frank O’Connor for 50 years.

8.Did Rand have children?
~She had no kids

9.Who is Nathaniel Branden?
~Ayn began to have an affair with Nathaniel Branden.

10.Who is Leonard Peikoff?
~ Leonard Peikoff was designated by the philosopher Ayn Rand as heir to her estate.

11.What is Objectivism?
~ Objectivism is the philosophy of rational individualism founded by Ayn Rand.

12.What were Rand’s views about Drug abuse?
~ Ayn Rand believes that drug addiction is the attempt to obliterate one’s consciousness, the quest for a deliberately induced insanity.

13. What were her views about Privacy?
~She believed there was a right to privacy

14. What is Rand’s educational background?
~Rand entered the University of Petrograd on October 2, 1921, when she was just 16.

15. What is “tiddlywink music?”
~Basically turn-of-the-century popular music of which there is no equivalent today. Completely joyful, but unserious, unheavy, light-hearted, fast rhythms , etc.

16. What were Rand’s hobbies?
~Ayn Rand collected stamps

17. Although Rand was married, why was she referred to as Ms. Rand?
~During Rand’s lifetime, ‘Mrs.’ might be used with any variation of a woman’s married name, regardless of whether she was currently married, divorced or widowed.

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Prometheus & Gaea


Prometheus was the wisest Titan. His name means “forethought” and he was able to foretell the future. He was the son of Iapetus . When Zeus revolted against Cronus Prometheus deserted the other Titans and fought on Zeus side.

By some accounts he and his brother Epimetheus were delegated by Zeus to create man. In all accounts, Prometheus is known as the protector and benefactor of man. He gave mankind a number of gifts including fire. He also tricked Zeus into allowing man to keep the best part of the animals sacrificed to the gods and to give the gods the worst parts.

For this Zeus punished Prometheus by having him chained to a rock with an eagle tearing at his liver. He was to be left there for all eternity or until he agreed to disclose to Zeus which of Zeus children would try to replace him. He was eventually rescued by Heracles without giving in to Zeus.



Gaea is the Earth goddess. She mated with her son Uranus to produce the remaining Titans. Gaea seems to have started as a neolithic earth-mother worshipped before the Indo-European invasion that eventually lead to the Hellenistic civilization.


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Hi mi nam is Charlie Gordon

“i fell las night i gues i pulled a reale Charlie Gordon”

This is how I would of spelled or said things months ago but now that I’m smart I feel different its so unreal. When I was dumb I was happy now that I’m smart everyone treats me differently, as if  I’m a disease or something nobody wants me around anymore that’s why I want to be dumb again maybe then Frank & Joe will be my friends again everything will go back the way it’s suppose to be. I don’t like this but I have to deal with it . I love Ms. Kinnian but she only loves me as a student. It’s okay where I will go i’ll have lot’s of friends.My life’s has been messed up since I have gotten my knowledge needed for a 37 year old man. I have nobody in this world , my mom left me cause she didn’t want a retarded kid to raise. Never knew my father , I don’t now if I have and sister’s or brother’s , mom never spoke to me. Ms. Kinnian the woman I love in this world only want’s to see me progress as a student. I don’t understand if she hate’s me or loves me but I’m just confused. And Algernon he was smarter than me, but he is losing his knowledge as the days go by I think he is going to die soon, that will be a very bad day. I’m not sure if I should stay her or leave but I don’t feel being here is my place well when ever somebody see’s this where im going people will be my friends, bye now.

Fahrenheit 451 – My Individual Assignments

Dear Clarrise

I was that kid that was doing the killing of other kids but I’ve always wanted to meet you.I found out that we had a lot of the same interests, but i just was a more people person ,you were but not my type people .If you ever come back to school i would like to become close friends.You actually want to read like me but i keep that low key cause i don’t want my house being burnt down,but anyways please take my offer into consideration, i would love to be friends,thanks for reading.

Sincerely, Sim


Party Food List

This Is the List Of Food And why We Had It At The Party

Peach-It was a sweet drink but had a bright potential to be better like Clarisse

Fanta-Is was bright read like the fire in the beginning of the book

Cheetos – the taste hits you in the middle of chewing like the plot in Fahrenheit 451

Takis-They were like the fire in the end dark,black ,and brought a cold look but a large amount of difference when you tasted them, the sauce stays around for a while as you eat them like when a fire is over the smoke is still there.


Dear Montag,

I want you to know if you ever read this, I am also in the book people, and that I admire your work. The other members have told me about your long journey of survival. Before the explosion, I went back to your old town to talk to your wife, Mildred. She told me how she felt like everything was coming to a end, she had been so lost for so long she couldn’t take it, she couldn’t process right from wrong anymore.  She said she had left her pills at home when she was trying to hurry up and leave the house before the firemen had gotten there. That’s why she called the call in, she said that multiple threats came in daily about if she didn’t call it in they would take her life and your own. She explained how she hide the letter’s from you while your were reading your books, getting the information you needed. She was paranoid because of that, she never told you why because she thought you couldn’t handle it. Beatty had a watch on you all for the longest , she said that he keep a good watch on all the firemen to make sure they never turned out like you. She didn’t finish what she was saying cause she just was stopping to get gas. She told me before the cab drove off she loved you, I never saw her again.

Well hopefully Ill see you soon, If your still alive maybe then I can tell you my story.




Manipulation is used for many different ways in our everyday lives like when your in interrogation for a crime your manipulated into telling the truth or the cops soon find out your lying cause your story keeps changing. Girls and guys use manipulation to get each other to do certain things for them knowing they don’t want to do it. Their wants usually have to do with the female or male removing clothing or doing something in a sexual manner. This is how teens use manipulation, how do you?

In your everyday life, how is manipulation used to benefit you or make things worse?

Fahrenheit 451 Round 2 Discussion Topic(s)

I am currently reading a book referred as Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. For round 2 of our literature circles while reading the book, I had the responsibility of being the Discussion leader and the  Vocabulary Highlighter/Word Master. As part of my job,I found the following information compelling, “He says I’m am a regular onion!” (Bradbury 22).

This brought some discussion questions to mind:

  1. Will Montag acknowledge his fault in this as he goes from house to house burning books (history,life’s,new chapters of life)?
  2. Do you consider yourself a regular onion in this world or not?And why?

Bradbury, Ray. Fahrenheit 451. New York: Del Rey Book, 1991. Print.